Choosing to travel with your pet? Let us help you with that!

Dr. Bruner and Dr. Mikk are certified to do International Health Certificates and Domestic Health Certificates.  Before scheduling an appointment for an International Health Certificate at Strasburg Veterinary Health, you must follow the steps below to ensure smooth and safe travel for you and your pet.

Bring all your pet’s travel paperwork and documents to your SVH appointment.  Please note International Health Certificate exam appointments can take anhour or longer, this is to ensure your paperwork is thoroughly completed by our doctors and technicians.
Travel Information changes frequently, so it always best to call the country of destination to find out up-to-date importation rules and regulations. We at Strasburg Veterinary Health will not be held responsible for any inaccurate information or paperwork provided by the client.
  • Check the time line of testing and vaccination for your port of entry – sometimes it can take months of preparation and testing to ensure your pet will not be held in quarantine (or euthanized) at the destination.
  • Call the Consulate, Government Official or Embassy of the destination country – travel restrictions and regulations changed often.  Contacting the destination area is the most accurate way to assure you have the proper paperwork and procedure.
  • Call the USDA veterinarian – The paperwork will need to be certified by the local usda veterinarian within a certain time frame of travel.
  • Call the airline -certain airlines have their own paperwork and specific requirements.
  • Check your microchip registration – make sure the microchip your pet has is international standard
  • Schedule all necessary appointments